Humanity – Something That Will Make You Smile

There is humanity in this world and this is a list compiled to make you smile today.

Busters Ice Cream Truck – Halloween Costume

This child's Halloween costume got the decadent treatment to turn his wheelchair into a beautiful ice cream truck. Every parent should love their child regardless of their disabilities and go above and beyond to ensure their child is happy as these parents did on Halloween.

Noble the Cat Gets Returned to It’s Owner 5 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Woman Hears Her Sons Voice for the First time at Age 26

26-year-old mother Amy was born deaf and never heard her husband or child speak. After a surgery with a newly implanted device the physician turned the device up higher and higher and Amy began to hear voices for the first time

NYPD Officer Purchasing Shoes for Homeless Man

The Firefighter Who Administered Oxygen To a Kitten Rescued from a House Fire

And This Dog Who did the Same for it’s Puppies

The Mother Who Was Terminally Ill and couldn't Attend Her Daughters Wedding in person But Got To Be There Via Skype

The 97 Year Old Mother That is Still Feeding Her Paralyzed Child

Argentinian German Sheppard Named Capitan Sits By Owners Grave for 7 Years

Man's best friend is proven by this dog named Capitan whose owner Manuel Guzman of Argentina passed away. Without prior knowledge of where the grave was located Capitan made his way to the owners gravesite and spent every single day here for the last 7 years. Here are some heartwarming photos:

The Parents That Made Sure Fletcher Enjoyed His Halloween Despite His Strict Diet

Chiune Sugihara

Talia Castelleno Diagnosed with Cancer (Neuroblastoma) Responds

"When people ask me that, what do you want me to do, be depressed? I mean a little fishy told me, 'Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!'"

The Stranger Who Helped an Elderly Man who had Fallen and the Stranger That Bought Them Dinner

And These Strangers Who Bought Young Parents Lunch

Blind 13 Year Old Gage-Hancock-Stevens of Bellvue, Washington Gets to be a Police Officer for a Day:

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